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In cooperation with our sister company NGMAPS, Hi Care Technology is glad to offer its client a complete Location and Directions Maps solution, which combines elegance and simplicity to each and every Map.

Your ‘Contact Us’ webpage is not complete without our unique location Map. Having a Google map link, compliments but does not replace an Hi Care Technology. What better than having a ‘How to find us’ link on your ‘Contact Us’ page showing your prospective client, or visitor step by step directions leading to your office, restaurant, shop, gym, etc.

“Every destination has a journey… We simplify the journey & leave the destination to you!”

Your Map:

  • Instantly creates a professional first impression
  • Makes your visitor’s journey to your location a pleasant, easy and relaxing experience
  • Unique to each company, theme and brand are captured on the map giving it a sharp & clean look
  • Each map features customized, simple and literally straight to the point written directions
  • All maps are ready to print at a mouse click
  • With a clear visual map, you will reduce the need for complicated over the phone directions

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