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Hi Care Technology is an authorized Hybrid Solutions Middles East partner and distributor for VertexFX Trader in Australia.

Take what you need to tell your clients about the benefits VertexFX will bring to their business. VertexFX Trader is an award-winning online trading platform, and one of the most friendly and reliable systems in the world. Well-designed, well-considered features and functionality makes Vertex FX easy to use. They also make it more flexible and automated than other systems. VertexFX 10 supports experienced chart traders. VTL10 scripting language, and a new API structure, makes auto trading much more advanced. You no longer have to keep your client terminal running for server side scripts (VTL Server). Simply host them on your server and close your PC. Besides that, client side scripts (VTL client) allow the expert trader also apply their script and develop their own custom indicators, alerting systems and client side auto trades and analysis.

Enhanced full system interface

It’s easier to collaborate and to navigate the VertexFX interface, and the companion feature to the ribbon, making them both more user-friendly. VertexFX 10, our latest version, uses the latest international software standard to give end-users easier navigation and a familiar interface.

Technical Analysis

Major enhancements have been made to the functionality of VertexFX including improved technical analysis and options using Fibonacci, line studies, channels, drawings and symbols, and text. We’ve added more indicators, and chart usability is much more easier and more flexible.

Advanced Market Watch

New fields make the system even more valuable to traders. They include expiry date, open price, close price for future symbols, as well as net and percent change.


VertexFX 10 is shipped with a dedicated plugin store to support the system making it easy for users to adapt to their exact needs. The vStore is maintained and developed by Hybrid Solutions together with an expanding network of independent software vendors (ISVs). These vendors are adapting VertexFX APIs and VTL to build free and commercial plugins for VertexFX traders.
New styles have been added so you can change your current terminal interface and settings

Tabular Sample

An iframe HTML tag allows you to add to the market watch by both ticker and tabular methods. Both options are shown below in HTML code
Download Tabular Sample

Client Terminal Video

Ticker Sample

VertexFX Latest Plugins

Use one of the template codes below to add the latest VertexFX plugins to your website.

VertexFX Client Terminal Guide

Download the PDF client terminal user guide.

PDF Client Terminal Guide

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